Story Alchemy is the art of employing your creativity to change the lead of your limitations into the gold of possibilities.

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Angelina & the Law of Attraction

Shamanic Fantasy, Novel

“Angelina and the Law of Attraction (A Woman’s Ride from her Pressing Problems to her Brightest Potential)” is an delightful shamanic fantasy that takes you into a magical quest where a woman shatters her limitations and embodies her brilliance.

Tired of trying and failing, of lacking and longing, Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to follow an average formula for success. She leaves her Arizona hometown and her beloved and moves to New York. And here she is, waiting for the "N" train to go to her new corporate job. Just then her desperate soul summons a magical being who detours the train. Enters Dragonfly Diva. Will Angelina trust this magical guide and save her dream? Or will she insist on following the old map to her destination, missing her great destiny?

Seat besides Angelina in the Dream Express as the whimsical Dragonfly Diva guides her through overwhelming fears, seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenge after challenge —many of them unwittingly created by Angelina herself. See Angelina face the monstrous Lord of Lucre, the malevolent Dark Sorcerer and the masked Executioner. Angelina must face danger, evil, fear and risks in her quest to save her DreamSelf, the part of her Soul that is already her dream. Can a creative woman with little money or influence truly become her dream? Find out in this eye-opening, heart stirring adventure!

You can read this novel for your delight or you can RIDE this novel. Seat side by side Angelina in the Dream Express with author-shaman Maria Mar as your magical guide… and become the protagonist of your own DreamQuest. Apply the shamanic insights and tools embedded in the novel in your own life to manifest your dreams.

This novel has several Story Alchemies and one Story Journey:


Dream Express Story Alchemies

Story Alchemies are creative, playful experiences that allow you to apply the story to your life by employing your creativity.

  • The Dream Express Oracle
  • The Dream Express Suitcase
  • Dream Baskets

Read more about these Story Alchemies here.


Dream Express Story Journey

Story Journeys are questing experiences that guide you step-by-step in the experience of the protagonist so that you use the story as a map to your own transformation. (They are usually done over a period of time, like a course.)

Catch the Dream Express (the DreamQuest)

Read more about the Story Journey here.


Enter the Magic!

  • Discover the shamanic secrets in the Law of Attraction and other Dream Laws that allowed author-shaman Maria Mar to go from having lost everything she had… even the clothing in her back… to creating dozens of books and products and sharing her gifts with the world.
  • Find out the little known Sacred Feminine Wisdom that took Maria from finding herself homeless and feeling a failure to creating a business that allows her to do what she loves while serving humanity.
  • All this practical and spiritual tools for building dreams and demolishing obstacles are embedded in this delightful story that will inspire and transform you.

What do you want to do?

Catch Dream Express and Join Maria Mar in a 30-day Free Trial



“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

~Muriel Rukeyser~


Testimonies & Expert Endorsements


“Story Alchemy™ is the process of using story and creativity
to transmute the lead of limitations into the gold of possibilities.”

~Maria Mar~


Is this You?


I want to live an inspired life! I need inspiring stories, magic, beauty and joy.

YES! Tell me more.

Life Purpose

I am focusing on knowing and embodying my purpose. I want to DO my purpose to contribute to this world.

YES! Tell me more.

Sharing my Gifts and Talents

I long to share my gifts with the world. I want to own, trust and express my talents.

YES! Tell me more.


I need or I'm going through a transformation. I need help through change. I want to ride this transFORmation as my transPORTation to my desired destination.

YES! Tell me more.


I am using the Law of Attraction to manifest my dreams and desires. I want to quicken my manifestation and have fun using my creativity to bring my imagination into reality.

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I need a breakthrough. I want to break free from the limitations holding me back. I want freedom from habits, beliefs and patterns that keep me trapped in the past.

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I long to free my radiance! I want to allow my Essence to shine, my Presence to embody my genuine self and share it with others to illuminate the world.

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I want to awaken my Goddess!

I want to free the Goddess dancing within me. I want to walk in grace, fully stepping into my greatness and living my potential.

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I'm want to change the mindset holding me back.

I'm committed to changing my story of limitations into a new story of living my brilliance. I want to recognize the stories that keep me from seeing, owning and living my potential. I want to plant and feed a new story where I am becoming my dream here and now.

YES! Tell me more.

I want to find new solutions to my problems.

I realize that I cannot think in the same frequency that created my problem, but how can I see what I'm missing? I'm eager to expand my perception, shift my way of thinking and find the answer inside my questions and the solution inside my problem.

YES! Tell me more.

I want to awaken the healing love and wisdom of my heart

My soul is calling me to expand my love frequency. My heart wants me to tap into its wisdom. I am healing from disease, trauma, loss or disharmony and want to awaken the healing power of my heart.

YES! Tell me more.

I am a creative woman and want success and prosperous creativity.

I know I'm doing good with my gifts, talents and services. But I don't feel like a success. I'm not doing what I want to do with my gifts. I feel frustrated. I don't know if I can earn money from my gifts. I'm not playing at the level my imagination and dream wants me to play.

YES! Tell me more.


“Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down
actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly
in real life. This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.”

~Maria Mar~


About Maria Mar

Hello beautiful soul!

I am Maria Mar the creatress of Story Alchemytm.

When I perform a story on stage, I take audiences into a shamanic journey in which they become SpectActors (instead of passive spectators) experiencing instant transformation.

In my writings I offer you a similar experience: to become the protagonist instead of just the reader of the story.

Within my fiction section you will find novels, novellas, story books, Story Alchemies and Story Journeys. Of course you can simple READ any story for your delight. You can go beyond reading and RIDE the story as an instant journey where you become the protagonist traveling through the story to change YOUR life story. To use the story as a step-by-step quest or journey, choose my Story Journeys. You can also  activate the magic in my shamanic stories to transform your life. In this case, choose my Story Alchemies.

As an artist-shaman-author I create experiences of profound, immediate transformation through the medium of art, story and creativity.

If you are a creative woman...

  • seeking change,
  • undergoing a transformation,
  • going through a healing process
  • wanting to break through and free your radiance to live a bigger, better life,
  • longing to embody your purpose 
  • needing to share your gifts and talents with the world but feeling something holding you back, or
  • working to manifest your dreams in your life, then

...I can help you employ your creativity to transmute the lead of your limitations into the gold of your possibilities.

Come play with me for your transformation!

For event organizers or institutions, find out how I can bring magic and immediate transformation to your audiences.


Shamanic Stories fuse fiction with reality. They are Medicine for the parts of your life that are in disharmony and struggle. Here you will find stories that are inspiring and  delightful to read. At the same time they are rich in relevant spiritual wisdom that you can apply to your life. You can read these stories for delight. Or you can enter them as a transformational experience."

~Maria Mar~


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“…we think in story. It’s hardwired in our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us.”

~Lisa Cron~


 Story Alchemy

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“I bottle up the potency of Story Alchemytm in my Story Alchemies: multi-media, multi-sensory creative experiences that allow you to engage a story as  alchemy to transmute your problem into an opportunity.”

~Maria Mar~



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“Art allows you to give physical form to abstract ideas, energy and emotions. It is an essential tool in manifestation and transformation.”

~Maria Mar~


Story Journeys

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Story Journeys engage you in a step-by-step shamanic journey to address your specific issues, quicken your transformation, release limiting stories holding you back and create new solutions that embody your best potential.

~Muriel Rukeyser~





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