A Place for Roses

A Place for Roses
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This inspirational story is a "shamanized" story of author-shaman Maria Mar tracking down her wounds and family karma during a family holiday. The shamanic presentation of the real-life event allows the author to reveal the underbelly of reality as seen by a shaman. This embeds the inspirational story with shamanic knowledge from the Sacred Feminine and is especially targeted for spiritual, creative women. Ideal for Inspirers, Story Lovers and Dream Crafters.
About the Book

 As the story opens, it is Christmas, and the protagonist prepares to visit her Aunt Emma. Why is she feeling so stressed out? Why is her stomach churning? Why is she forgetting where she put her things?

The tracking is on! Night Wolf, the shaman’s Hunter Power Animal, shows up. The she-wolf is on the scent of a Shadow that is stealing the shaman’s peace. The protagonist suspects that her confusion, resistance and stress has to do with the family wounds she has inherited. As she dives into the past, the shaman hunts down for the source of her problems, and better yet: the source for a solution!


As a reader, you witness the multiple dimensions in the shaman’s psyche: the Hunter Power Animal, the conscious mind, the Inner Children, the Wise Woman and the Victim who still carries her learned limitations. As you witness the complexity of the human psyche, your own understanding of your psychic dimensions improve, with a resulting increase in self-compassion.


Meet Aunt Emma, the favorite aunt of the protagonist.Witness a bitter-sweet family holiday encounter as the protagonist struggles with Aunt Emma to accept the three gifts she has brought her while at the same time she struggles with the mirrors Aunt Emma presents.


As she looks into these mirrors, the protagonist discovers how her struggles with love, health and wealth have been inherited from generations of female gifts and wounds in her family. She realizes why and how she’s been holding back. She also realizes the choices she has made that have enabled her to transmute her wounds into her Personal Medicine, going from a victim to a Woman of Power.


Finally, the protagonist gains insight in the essential choices that make the difference between staying trapped in your past or using it to reclaim your gifts. She discovers the essential elements that allow her to create the transformation she seeks. This female journey is written with depth, compassion, humor and the shamanic voice that serves as the thread, weaving a magical net for the reader.


This storybook is easy to read yet full of shamanic wisdom. It is at moments funny and at moments dramatic as the shaman dives beneath the facade of reality to discover the hidden corners of her psyche.This is a great read if you are seeking something that inspires and motivates, but also something that deepens your understanding of personal transformation.

There is so much that goes on at family reunions! But there doesn’t have to be a holiday or even a visit to a relative for Family Karma to bubble up, limiting your best intentions.

Most of what you are trying to release from your life is about learned limitations and beliefs that do not serve you. But they rise to the surface the minute you focus on what you want or try to manifest a different reality.

This shamanic rendering of an autobiographical event in the life of author-shaman Maria Mar invites you into the powerful world of the shaman as she tracks down the wounds from her past with the help of her Power Hunter Animal.

You will have a double-take on what is going on: the “real” interaction between the author and her auntie Emma (fictional name) and the underbelly of that reality, the way that the shaman sees the clues, tracks down the energies, connect the dots and transforms “ordinary” reality into a life lesson, an alchemy, a quest.

This is also a Quest-thru Story. If you’d like to use the story as a blueprint to find your own Family Karma, wounds and learned limitations and to learn how to hunt them down like a shamanic hunter, purchase the storybook and workbook as a Home Study Course here.

Ideal for Inspirers, Story Lovers and Dream Crafters.

 Only $25 USD


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Go from Blocked to Brilliant

Home Study Course

As I track my wounds in the story, you can also track with me through your own story of wounds and limitations to break free and manifest your dreams.

I’ve created a home study course to employ this story as a blueprint to transmute your Broken Places into Power Places.

This home study course includes the novella plus a workbook and other supporting materials and services.

Go from Blocked to Brilliant has the Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels, depending on how deep and for how long you want to go and if you want me to summon your Hunter Power Animal for you.


Start here to find out more.

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