Butterfly Woman Emergence Program

Butterfly Woman Emergence Program
A Butterfly Woman belongs to a new generation of women (of all ages) who are leading from the Sacred Feminine, doing what they love as a service to the world and creating Butterfly Waves that evolve humanity and heal this planet. This program champions and guides you as an emerging Butterfly Woman to blossom into your Butterfly Leadership by embodying your purpose from a place of delight and feminine power so that you can share your gifts, message or passion with ease and grace to make a BIG difference in the world. Shaman and Goddess Priestess Maria Mar takes you into shamanic journeys to activate your creative genius, own your authority, befriend your fears, turn on the power of your magnetic presence and align with your greatness. This program also gathers Butterfly Women to collaborate in the creation of Butterfly Waves that advance humanity and heal planet earth. Go from hard-working, struggling, playing small, not happy "Caterpillar Self" to Butterfly Woman, living and working ecstatically as she spreads her gifts to change the world. Choose your level, from DIY or group to Mentorship. Includes all the materials, guidance and support you need for your ultimate transformation in a magical journey of creative delight to embody your purpose and fly into your highest potential right NOW.
About the Book

Butterfly Woman Emergence





This program is for spiritual creative women who want to share their gifts to make a difference in the world. If you have a talent, passion or message that is needed in the world now and your soul is crying for you to fulfill it, you may be struggling with doubts, distractions, a sense of being overwhelmed with fragmented possibilities or even held back by invisible, but powerful emotional interferences.

These interferences stop or delay your ability to fully embody your purpose or  express your unique radiant Essence in your presence, life and work.

Or perhaps you are going through a transition like unemployment, empty nest syndrome, fresh out of college, divorce or career change; and something tells you that this is not just a crisis. This may be an opportunity. But an opportunity for what?

Or maybe you seem to be fine, but your heart is not full. You sense that there is something your Soul wants to do in the world, something that comes out of all your experience, gifts and passions combined. But you have no idea how that could play. You may think it is a new job or another familiar experience and miss the new experience because it is a completely new “container” –a new way of working, delivering your message or leading.

Above all, you feel the urge to gather, integrate, share and express your gifts, talents and message effectively in a way that makes YOU happy and is a great service to others.

If this is what’s going on in your heart, then this is the path for you.

If you long to fly into your potential, to shine in your true colors and to become your dream, BUT you pull back, get confused or play small, this is definitely the path to open your wings, leave your old story of limitations behind and become Butterfly Woman.

I walk you through a Sacred Feminine Path based on the transformation from Caterpillar to Butterfly and using the organic way you learn as a woman — through creativity, show don’t tell experiences, deep immersion, practical application and sacred ceremony.

When you go through this program, you will open your magnificent wings, embodying your purpose in the way you stand, move, talk, live and serve others.

You will easily own your authority, know, value and express your gifts effectively, and you will have dropped your old story of limitations, struggle, doubts and fears for a new story of your brilliance illuminating the world.

You will find another model of leadership, one that comes with ease and grace to you as a woman; one that does not require dominance or sacrifice, but instead offers your happiness as the greatest gift to the world.

You will get crystal clear on your Ecstasy Zone so that you follow your bliss while you serve humanity at your highest level.

If you are this woman and you want this outcome, read on and then sign up to reserve your seat.

The program starts on June 12.


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Take a minute to see how many of these items apply to you:

  • Do you know your life purpose, but feel that it is far away because you can’t possibly make it happen now, the way you are? No, first you must fix this and that and that other thing and…. Stop! Embody your purpose NOW.
  • Do you hold back and play it too safe or play small, so that you are not earning what you deserve, not stepping up to the potential you envision in your must enlightened moments? Is this frustrating you? Open your Inner Wings! Go from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self and become your brilliance.
  • When you think of being a butterfly… do you feel some invisible Inner Wings stirring —a longing rising from your Soul, a sense of your beauty, gifts and potential calling you to your radiance? Answer that call! You can become Butterfly Woman and illuminate the world with your radiance right now.
  • Do you have a hard time truly feeling and believing that you have the mastery and authority to step up, earn more and lead —though you know intellectually that you have the gifts, expertise, talents and skills to do it? Tune into your creative genius and release the Caterpillar Cycles that keep you from owning your authority.
  • Do you work hard just to find that your actions are ineffective and you are spinning your wheels in place, procrastinating or feeling insufficient for the task? Stop sabotaging yourself and learn how to take effective actions, take flight and assume your highest potential now.
  • Do you know your gifts and talents, but cannot see how you can share them with the world in a way that allows your true brilliance to illuminate others? Discover the art and science of Embodied Purpose and start impacting the world by doing what you love and comes naturally.
  • You often complain that you are not doing what you want. Even when you are using your gifts and talents, it’s not in a way that makes you happy. You are a slave to duty, to “the way things are done” to others’ expectations or to your own belief that it is not possible to do what you love in the way that makes you happy… and still earn a living. Break Free! Your gifts are your wings. Become Butterfly Woman and design an ecstatic life and work that serves the world while you have a ball.
  • Deep inside you there is a Goddess dancing, singing, writing, making miracles…. BUT you are not expressing her fully in your life, in the way you present your gifts, in your physical presence in the world, in your voice. You can feel that you are folding and hiding parts of her. And this lack of integration reverberates in your voice, the energy you put out and the ability to make choices that move you towards your Goddess expression. In the Silver to Platinum levels, I will guide you to the unfolding of your Goddess stature and the physical alignment and integration of your authority, grace and gifts. Feel your Goddess becoming real in your life now.

  • You want to make a BIG change in the world, sure. But you are allergic to the word leadership. When you’ve been in charge, it has been an overwhelming job, you’ve become a control freak, you’ve had to shoulder all the responsibility or you became everyone’s mama. Enough! Join the Butterfly Leadership and create Butterfly Waves in collaboration with other women who are living and working in delight.

  • You find yourself working for corporations or institutions that under-use your talent, feel restrictive or operate in ways that frustrate you. You have easy, common-sense or creative solutions… but the boss or organization is too boxed-in or not open to changes.

    Ask yourself this: Have you changed jobs often in the last seven years? What are you searching for?

    STOP trying to fit into or fix the box! You are a visionary, a leader and an experienced expert. You think outside-the-box. You came here to create new alternatives, not struggle inside yet another cage. Understand what is possible for you.

    Open your wings, and fly high… so that you break the cages and set others free!

Women have been trained through history to see ourselves and even act like Caterpillar:

  • Hiding and blending by becoming invisible and playing small
  • Always hungering and longing for the dream we already ARE, but disbelieving that so much beauty could be in us
  •  Failing to see or believe in our highest potential and playing the extra, the support or the employee instead of assuming the star role
  • Feeling guilty for giving ourselves time or for placing our dreams and life purpose as a priority
  •  Caretaking as a way of leading, which means we carry the burden for everything that needs to be done
  • Multi-tasking as if we’d had 100 arms, and still not feeling we’ve done enough
  • Earning less, avoiding money talk, not asking for the raise, not negotiating, not growing our money, not assuming our authority, not stepping into the BIG stages, not changing the game, not playing the game
  • Not feeling that we ARE or DESERVE success
  • Placing ourselves last and taking the leftovers… if there are any… in our own life.
  • Attached to notions of sacrifice, selflessness, duty, obedience and struggle that keeps us slave to others and steal our own happiness or
  • Distracted, doubtful, fluttering all over the place without formulating a clear vision of our purpose, a strategy to deliver it and a stance to embody it.
  • Accepting old patriarchal leadership roles and violating our Sacred Feminine to play like the boys.


No more!

• Release your Caterpillar Skin.
• Open your Wings from within.
• Become Butterfly.


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What is a Butterfly Woman?

A Butterfly Woman is a spiritual, creative woman who gathers her talents, gifts, passions, skills and experiences —including her wounds, challenges and “mistakes”— to embody her life purpose while earning a living from it. She is deeply committed to making a BIG change in the world; yet she is a self-centered woman (instead of an other-centered woman) who lives and works in Ecstasy and luscious creativity.

This woman deeply values her gifts and owns her self-authority. She commits her life to leaving a legacy and positively influencing the world through her gifts, not her self-effacement.

This woman assumes her Butterfly Leadership by standing in her self-authority, irradiating her Essence in full strength, shining in unabashed visibility, practicing Peacock Humility (instead of Humbug Humility) and broadcasting her message to the world through her favorite medium.

She is not shy to demand remuneration, grow her money, expand her finances and accept the respect, salary and honor she deserves. At the same time she is compassionate, honoring of others, collaborative with her peers and nurtures other people’s gifts and strength. She may be the boss or work alone; but in both cases she understands that power is not control, but the truth of her Presence as it emanates her Essence to illuminate others.

A Butterfly Woman is not perfect. At any given time, she may be challenged to grow in one or more areas —whether it is her skills, finances, health or visibility. But she is clear that she deserves success, happiness and fulfillment and she is committed to manifest these conditions by loving herself, following her heart and sharing her gifts courageously, lovingly and joyfully as the path to her self-actualization.

She is also working with others directly or indirectly to make a BIG difference in the world. She is conscious that she is part of the Butterfly Waves changing humanity. A Butterfly Woman’s main strengths are her vulnerability, her creative expression and her deep loyalty to her soul. Creating a better world is her North Star. Her heart is her compass.


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Your Transformation from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman

  • Get crystal clear on your life purpose and embody it every day, starting now. Feel it in your body, your stance, your voice, your gifts, your value and your presence in the world. Own it as you go about your day serving others, communicating your message and living your truth. Stop pushing yourself to get there. BE there.
  • Stop confusing your Essence, your Sacred Self with the labels, limitations and judgments you carry! Let go of the learned judgments you carry about yourself and embrace how perfect for your purpose you are right now, just as you are! Dropping the Caterpillar is dropping the labels, limitations and judgments that cover your radiance so that the light of your Essence illuminates the world.
  • Stop struggling! Stop fighting where you are and seeing your current situation as a problem or obstacle. Shift your perception to catch the transformation in that situation and drive it as the transportation to your Soul’s destination.
  • Open your Wings! Go from Caterpillar Self, always struggling, working and trying but never flying…. and become your Butterfly Self,wearing your true radiant colors, expressing your genius, working in delight (Yummy, sucking all that sweet nectar. Shift from hunger to passion and watch your wings unfold.
  • Answer the deep calling of your Soul. Feel your Inner Wings unfolding as you stop longing to be that beauty, those gifts, that potential and start living it and freeing your radiance.
  • Channel your emotions creatively instead of staying trapped in your habitual fear-based soap operas! Perform the Emotional Alchemy that transmutes your fear-based emotions into love-based emotions so that you can instantly tame your Inner Bullies who steal your flight.
  • Detach from struggle and sacrifice in your perception of work, service and leadership. If success means to you more work, more sacrifice, more struggle, carrying the load of others, more caretaking, more in your to-do list… is it a wonder that you repel success? Butterfly Leadership is a new way of experiencing your power to influence the world. The Graceful Path to Success goes to the core of your life purpose and your connection to the people you came here to serve, allowing you to follow your bliss, connect to your Creation Partners and work smart instead of hard.
  • Redefine power to go with the organic grain of the Sacred Feminine in you. Most people believe that their success or dream is “out there” and they will only believe that they are successful if and when they achieve their goals, have money or are recognized by others; all external definitions. Learn the Sacred Feminine definition of power and move towards your goals from a place of abundance, fulfillment and deep satisfaction instead of insufficiency, hunger and frustration.
  • Spot the Caterpillar beliefs and tricks that sabotage your authority and release them. Tune into your creative genius, own your authority, let go of your old story of limitations, release the hidden beliefs and interferences that keep you feeling that you are too small to play big.
  • Learn shamanic tools and practices that shift your ineffective actions into powerful Alchemical Actions that get the job down with ease and grace. Stop sabotaging yourself, procrastinating, second-guessing, bullying yourself and being all over the place. Take effective actions, take flight and assume your highest potential. Do it now.
  • Discover the art and science of Embodied Purpose and design a system, brand or strategy to deliver your gifts, talents or message in a way that impacts the world, makes you happy and generates you money. (Gold and Platinum Levels)
  • Give yourself permission to do what makes you happy, deserve what you want, prioritize your purpose and step into your greatness. Stop complaining and start living your dream now.
  • Unleash the power of your presence. Stand in your Authority. Let that Goddess out of your Suitcase! I will guide you to the unfolding of your Goddess stature and the physical alignment and integration of your authority, grace and gifts. Feel your Goddess becoming real in your life now. (Silver to Platinum).
  • Master Female Leadership, based on presence, uniqueness, delight, heart-wisdom and collaboration. Join the Butterfly Leadership and create Butterfly Waves that change the climate of the world in collaboration with other women who are living and working in delight.

Become Butterfly Woman and give yourself permission to be happy, fulfilled and successful on your own terms.


You can become Butterfly Woman in this fun, magical and heart-nurturing sacred journey with storyteller-shaman Maria Mar.


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How does this happen?

The wonderful thing in this program is that I will walk you through it using the Female Way of Learning, Leadership and Living.

  • Storytelling for a sensual immersion and empathy activation.
  • ARTchemy –art as alchemy– to use your visualization, imagination, intuition and creativity as the medium to open your wings and activate
    your potential.
  • Shamanic journeys of deep relaxation and immersion that change your vibrational frequencies and take you to different mental states
  • “Show, don’t tell,” where I share with you my own journal, my own journey, step by step in full color, so that you can use it as a model to turn your Caterpillar into Butterfly.
  • Private, secured Journal that you can share with me for intimate help

You have your choice on three levels:

  • Bronze (DIY): For women who have great discipline and can take a one year program and follow it alone, without sabotaging themselves, forgetting or procrastinating. Recommended for people with previous experience in personal growth. Includes answers to your questions so that you are helped as you go along.
  • Gold (Guided Journal Writing)– For women who love journaling and want to do the Art Journal as a ceremony to become Butterfly Woman, but want private support and additional guidance. Includes a deeper level of private one-on-one support through a secure, private journal that you share with Maria for guidance and support. Only 30 women per year.
  • Platinum (Mentorship)– For women who are committed to embodying their life purpose by gathering their gifts, talents and passions into a service, practice or business through which they can earn a living. These women want deep, customized attention to embody their purpose into a business and their vision into a service.  Private, live face-to-face sessions and ceremonies included. Only 4 women per year.


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Bronze Level (DIY):

Go through your metamorphosis from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman at your own pace with support from Maria Mar.

  • Butterfly Woman Emergence ARTchemy Kit
    Go through the 13 steps from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Self through the creation of an Art Journal and a step-by-step show, don’t tell process where Maria Mar shares her own journey and Art Journal. (See components below)
  • 12 months weekly access to the Book of Answers (BOA) for the Butterfly Woman Emergence ARTchemy-Post your questions every week and get them answer personally by Maria Mar. Receive newsletter with questions and answers 



Butterfly Woman Emergence ARTchemy

  • Ecourse with detailed knowledge and actions for each of the 13 steps in the Journey from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly Woman- One weekly lesson delivered into your email in PDF format*
  • Caterpillar Blueprint
  • Caterpillar Template
  • Caterpillar Playsheet
  • Chrysalis Blueprint
  • Chrysalis Template
  • Chrysalis Playsheet
  • Butterfly Blueprint
  • Butterfly Template
  • Butterfly Playsheet
  • Read me first (Instructions on how to use everything)
  • The Transformation Tactics Cheat Sheet
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 1
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 2
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 3
  • Maria Mar’s Art Journal Tour, Part 4


*PDF Format delivered via our Gumroad secure service. Read it in your computer or tablet. Download it to your computer or your DropBox or read it in your browser from anywhere.


The Success Seed Audio Journeys -3 audio meditations to discover your life purpose and understand how your life is the blueprint for your purpose.

You Only Pay $597 USD


Gold Level

All the above, plus

  • 6 months of weekly Guided Journal Writing: Private, secure online Journal with feedback from MM. 
  • Three private Skype 90-minute face-to-face sessions with Maria Mar to help you go from Caterpillar Self to Butterfly You through the Art Journal while you apply it to whatever is going on in your life and to the project or dream you have.



 The Success Seed Audio Journeys -3 audio meditations to discover your life purpose and understand how your life is the blueprint for your purpose.


Journey through Dreamscape: Transmute your Problems into Possibilities -online shamanic journey to understand the 12 stages of manifesting your dream when you face transformation and the 6 catalysts to Dream Alchemy.

You only pay $2197 USD

$397 non-refundable deposit

Covers entry materials and processing fees and guarantees you a seat for the try-out month.


$308 a month for 6 months, starting at the end of the first month

Limited seats: 30 women only


Platinum Mentorship Level:

  • (Includes the ARTchemy Kit and BOA access for 10 months) plus:
  • 8 (one monthly) private face-to-face live 90-minute sessions with Maria
  • 10 months of Private Guided Journal Writing in a safe, secured online journal site where you can share your journal entries with Maria for feedback and guidance. It’s your secured journal and you can keep it forever privately.
  • Private Getting your Wings Gathering Session and Ceremony (2 additional sessions)



  • The Success Seed Audio Journeys -3 audio meditations to discover your life purpose and understand how your life is the blueprint for your purpose.
  • Journey through Dreamscape: Transmute your Problems into Possibilities -online shamanic journey to understand the 12 stages of manifesting your dream when you face transformation and the 6 catalysts to Dream Alchemy.
  • Learn Embodied Purpose through several live Classroom session on how to create a brand, system or strategy to present your gifts and talents as a service.  Teachings live via Skype with whiteboard laboratory, entirely customize to your needs, goals and project.

4 women only

Value: $9,997 USD


Option 2:

$597 non-refundable deposit 

Covers entry materials and processing fees and guarantees you a seat for the try-out month.

and $800 a month for 10 months, starting at the end of the first month =$8,597

You only pay a total of $8,597


Sign up to reserve your seat
at no cost or obligation.



RISK FREE! 30-day Guarantee

Levels Gold and Platinum:

You have one month-tryout to see if this works for you. If not, you simply let me know and we’ll call it quits. Your non-refundable deposit covers that first month and we part ways amicably. No questions asked.

Terms of Service:

These terms apply to all levels with a subscription-based payment.

After the 30-day try-out you sign an agreement to stay on course for the duration of the program, and you can download the rest of the materials and start your Butterfly Woman Emergence.


  • Private Sessions can be rescheduled up to 5 days before the scheduled appointment.
  • Same day rescheduling is NOT acceptable.
  • Classroom sessions will be offered in as needed basis, by mutual agreement. If you cancel or do not show up after we have mutually agree on a date, you miss that session. The topic will be covered in the next session, but you’ll be short one session at the end.

Private Journaling takes place in a separate, secured online journal to which you subscribe independently, at no additional cost and you can continue using that journal afterwards. You can choose which entries to share with Maria or not.

Book Of Answers  access is once a week for as long as the term indicates. This is a subscription service included in the cost.


Sign up to reserve your seat
at no cost or obligation.


The program starts on June 12.

Reserve your seat now and you will get $25 discount, a bonus inspirational email series and a guaranteed seat if you purchase within 24 hours of the VIP Notice we will send you when registration opens. Fill out and submit the form below.





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