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“Stories are the only imagined structure that can lay down
actual memories, as if you had experienced the event directly
in real life. This gives story the alchemical power to rewrite reality.”

~Maria Mar~


What is the Story Magic Tribe?


"I invite you to join us as we open our mind, heart and energy being to the possibilities already pulsating in our soul and seeking manifestation in our cells. Let me guide you in the journey from here (where you are) to there (where you want to be) through the playful, soulful and creative medium of shamanic stories." Maria Mar




The Story Magic Tribe is a community of spiritual, creative story-loving women who are seeking or facing transformation and want to do it with ease and grace through the power of their imagination.

If you want to create a life you love; a life full of magic, joy, purpose and fulfillment or if you are seeking to create a life that embodies your purpose or actualizes the potential you feel inside you, then Story Magic Tribe  is your tribe.

Scientists now know what shamans have known for centuries: that the subconscious mind interprets and files experiences in the form of stories and those stories become neural maps influencing the experiences you face in the present.

In other words: we see our current reality through the lens of the stories we have inherited or created and archived in our subconscious mind.

Some of those learned stories are empowering. But others are limiting your ability to respond creatively to your environment, seize your opportunities and actualize your talents. In fact, some of those stories are counter-acting your intention and free choices.

The members of Story Magic Tribe  seek to change their lives from within by changing the mental narratives holding them back into the story of living their brilliance and living fully right now. They are in fact, using story to rewrite their lives!

The process of Story Alchemytm allows you to use story as an alchemy to change the lead of your limitations into the gold of your embodied potential. In Maria Mar's shamanic stories you not only read about the protagonist. You use the Story Journey or Story Alchemy that accompanies the story to become the protagonist of the story you are living right now.

Shaman, author, artist and storyteller Maria Mar empowers the Story Magic Tribe to engage their creativity and change their life through shamanic stories,  Story Alchemytm and Story Journeys that help them apply shamanic insights, teachings and tools to quicken manifestation, enjoy transformation and awaken the possibilities pulsating in their souls and cells.

If you love arts and crafts, creative writing and  journal writing you will delight in the Artchemytm (art as alchemy) projects accompanying Maria's Story Journeys. Through journal writing, art journaling, arts & crafts, movement and energy work, creative ceremonies and other fun imaginative activities you will transform your life while you engage your creative genius.

That is why Maria Mar's motto is:

Play for Transformation!





Why Join the Story Magic Tribe?

  • Stop struggling through change.

Change is hard enough. There's no need to suffer through it. Play for your transformation in the playground of magical stories.

Through Story Alchemytm you will experience the potency of shamanic stories to shift your perception, awaken your inner wisdom, ignite transformation and quicken manifestation.

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  • Enjoy delightful, magical stories that inspire you.

While Maria's shamanic fiction inspires, uplifts and entertains, it also works "under the hood" to reveal the hidden fears, doubts and beliefs holding you back.

It's easier to see what is holding others back. But when it comes to yourself, you often feel like you are wearing blinders. Shamanic stories present protagonists that serve as Sacred Mirrors so that you can see what is invisible in your life.

As you follow the protagonist, you not only identify with her, participating emotionally in her process --but through witnessing the protagonist you see things in yourself that you have not been able to perceive before.

The magic of storytelling has been used by women for centuries because it is empathetic, holistic and experiential and it addresses the emotional, creative, intuitive and relational intelligences that are organic to the feminine psyche.

transformation, change, stories, shamanic stories, storytelling, breakthrough, freedom, shamanism, personal growth, spirituality, life changes, creativity
  • Take the Story Journey and dismantle those fears, doubts and beliefs step by fun, creative step.

The Story Journey or the Story Alchemytm that accompanies the shamanic stories reveals the shamanic tools and insights embedded in the story.

The Story Journey takes you into a ceremonial pilgrimage through a particular life issue presented in the story and through modules incorporating Shamanic Teachings, journaling questions, ceremony and creative projects it allows you to address that issue in your life.

The Story Alchemies (aka Playsets) offer a multi-media life laboratory where the story becomes a blueprint to your real-life transformation!

transformation, change, stories, shamanic stories, storytelling, breakthrough, freedom, shamanism, personal growth, spirituality, life changes, creativity
  • Experience transformation with ease and grace

Through Story Alchemytm, Artchemytm and creative ceremonies Maria Mar fuses shamanic fiction, personal growth, shamanic spiritual tools for practical life, creative activities as alchemy and ceremony as a fun, creative and magical path to your transformation, manifestation, self-healing, fulfillment and breakthrough.

Instead of more things to do, hard work and resistance to change, your transformation becomes a playground of exploration, experimentation, creative joy, energy transmutation and intentional creativity.

While transformation is never easy, Story Alchemytm allows you to experience it with ease and grace.

transformation, change, stories, shamanic stories, storytelling, breakthrough, freedom, shamanism, personal growth, spirituality, life changes, creativity
  • What if you could...

Rewrite your crisis into a portal. See your problem as a threshold. Release the baggage, find the key and cross the portal into the life you dream, want and deserve.

Redesign that wall you keep bumping against into a bridge that takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Seize your current crisis as the transformation that is your transportation to your desired destination. Find out the opportunities and acknowledge what needs to die in order for your new life to be born.

Change the old stories of abandonment, scarcity, insufficiency, disease or limitations running in your cells and DNA into the story of you living your brilliance, strong and healthy and fully loved and supported.

Transmute your loss into love, your problems into innovative solutions, your wounds into your strongest medicine and your limitations into amazing opportunities.

transformation, change, stories, shamanic stories, storytelling, breakthrough, freedom, shamanism, personal growth, spirituality, life changes, creativity
Well, you can.

In fact, that is what Story Alchemytm helps you do, and as the creator of this magical process, Maria Mar playfully and lovingly shows you how and supports you in your life alchemy.


Story Magic is real magic!

Join the Story Magic Tribe and
change your life from within through the magic of story.






“The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

~Muriel Rukeyser~


Featured Story

Angelina & the Law of Attraction

Shamanic Fantasy, Novel

“Angelina and the Law of Attraction (A Woman’s Ride from her Pressing Problems to her Brightest Potential)” is a delightful shamanic fantasy that takes you into a magical quest where a woman shatters her limitations and embodies her brilliance.

Tired of trying and failing, of lacking and longing, Angelina is at the edge of giving up on her talents to follow an average formula for success. She leaves her Arizona hometown and her beloved Omar and moves to New York. And here she is, waiting for the "N" train to go to her new corporate job.

But her soul is wilting. This is not who she is. This is not what she wants. Angelina gives herself a "reality check" and keeps on, forcing herself to accept "how things are."

Just then her desperate soul summons a magical being who detours the train. Enters Dragonfly Diva, who will guide Angelina to the place where her dreams live.

Will Angelina trust this magical guide and rescue her soul from the clutches of the Evil Queen Witch and her minion Shadows?

Or will she insist on following the old map to her destination, missing her great destiny? 

Read more or buy the novel.


“Story Alchemy™ is the process of using story and creativity
to transmute the lead of your limitations into the gold of your possibilities.”

~Maria Mar~

Testimonies & Expert Endorsements

Shamanic Stories break the wall between fiction and reality.
They are Medicine for the parts of your life that are in disharmony.
They nurture your soul and activate your creative-intuitive powers."

~Maria Mar~

Hello beautiful soul!

I am Maria Mar the creatress of Story Alchemytm.

I have transmuted my addictions into Personal Freedom, homelessness into a purpose-based creative business, loss into a higher frequency of love and beliefs that I am not enough or I don't have the talents I long for into the liberation of my vast creative potential and the expression of my creative genius in dozens of books, products and creative events through which I share my gifts and embody my purpose. I have achieved these transformations through the medium of story --writing and changing my story, reading and applying shamanic stories and combining journal writing, creative activities and ceremonies as my life alchemy. I invite you to do the same.


About my Fiction

As the creatress of Theatre of Transformation, when I perform a story on stage, I take audiences into a shamanic journey in which they become SpectActors (instead of passive spectators) experiencing instant transformation.

In my writings I offer you a similar experience: to become the protagonist instead of just the reader of the story.

Within my fiction section you will find:

  • Novels and novellas
  • Storybooks
  • Story Sagas (Ongoing novels delivered in episodes, like a TV series, each episode takes you through your own quest.)
  • Story Alchemies and
  • Story Journeys

My Story Alchemies (aka Playsets) are packages that combine a storybook with multi-media tools and experiences that allow you to use your creativity to apply the shamanic insights in the story to a specific transformation or manifestation in your life.

My Story Journeys are quests. You enter the story, become the protagonist and quest alongside her with me as your magical guide. They are usually ongoing quests, ceremonies or step-by-step processes accompanied a specific story or book.


About my books

So you can RIDE a story as a path of transformation.... 

Or you can simply READ a story for your delight and inspiration!

My shamanic stories are intentionally written to ignite your imagination, activate your creativity, awaken the Sacred Feminine wisdom within you, nourish your soul and feed your dreams. I have the gift of magic --not magic tricks, but true magic; a shift of perception that changes your world.

I also write personal growth and spirituality non-fiction books specially created for women.  Many of my non-fiction books are interactive. They contain journal writing questions and other activities to help you implement the knowledge in your life.

The cloud word at the side reflects what my readers and clients have said about me as a storyteller-shaman ~both about my stories and my approach to transformation.


About my books

Angelina and the Law of Attraction (Shamanic Fantasy novel)
Song of the Ocean (Ecological Fantasy Novella)
Little Doe and the Sacred Heart (Shamanic Fantasy Storybook)
The Pregnant Woman who Forgot her Belly (Storybook with Ceremony)
Tao of Trees (Illustrated Poetry Book)
Fairy Tales for Success: Unleash your Greatness (Personal Growth for Women)
Give yourself Permission to DESERVE Success (Book 1 from The Successful Creative Woman Journey)
A Place for Roses (Shamanic Fiction, novella)
Life Masterpiece Playset (Story Alchemy with storybook "Joy and the Goldfish")

About my Non-fiction

My non-fiction books address the issues women face and the way we learn and change. Dear to my heart are these common issues for women:

  • Creativity and creative success and fulfillment,
  • Healing mother-daughter wounds,
  • Developing self-love, self-value and self-confidence,
  • Transforming spiritual concepts that enslave women,
  • Freeing the wisdom and power of our heart,
  • Finding and releasing or transforming learned stories and family karmic wounds,
  • Transforming the fairy tales that lodge in our psyche and hold us back and
  • Assuming  our self-authority, freeing our feminine leadership.

Not only can you enjoy my Story Alchemies and Story Journeys and live events. I also offer Enrichment Add-ons that allow you to transform any story, book or product into an individualized support program through:

  • Private guided journal writing in a safe, secured online service,
  • Live Alignment calls with me to align physically, emotionally and energetically with your dreams, gifts and potential,
  • Guided Story Quests for novels and other long formats and
  • Live events such as Poetry Journeys, Story Journeys, Shamanic Journeys of transformation and more.
The first step to enjoy all these creative, magical experiences
that empower your transformation is to
join the Story Magic Tribe.


Is this you?


If you are a spiritual, creative woman...

if you love a good story....

if you would rather play than struggle with transformation....

then you belong in the

The Story Magic Tribe



If you are a spiritual, creative woman...

  • Seeking or facing change,
  • Undergoing a transformation,
  • Going through a healing process,
  • Wanting to break through some stubborn limitations,
  • Longing to free your radiance to live a fulfilling life,
  • Longing to embody your purpose to live a meaningful life, 
  • Needing to share your gifts and talents with the world
    but feeling something holding you back,
  • Working creatively with a crisis or transition in your life,
  • Actively engaging your spirituality and creativity to enrich your life, or
  • Working to manifest a Dream in your daily life, then...

...I can help you employ your creativity to transmute the lead of your limitations into the gold of your possibilities.

Why not use a magical story in combination with your favorite arts & crafts and activities such as journal writing, art journaling, movement and collages to quicken, deepen and enjoy your transformation?

Join my Story Magic Tribe
of creative, spiritual women
who want to change their life from within
through the magic of story.

transformation, becoming, personal growth, shamanism, books, spirituality






The Story Magic Tribal Experience

I know that a lot of people talk about joining their tribe as a marketing strategy. But for me, my tribe is my spiritual circle of service. It is made of the people I came here to serve, inspire, ignite and awaken into their full potential. You are my life-purpose!

A tribe is an experience, a belonging and a culture. In this tribe, the culture is about creating the life we want through the magic of story. The experience is living life as a magical quest and playing (instead of struggling) through transformation.

Our belonging is the coming together of spiritual, creative women who love story and want to change their lives from within because they know that when they focus only in external changes, they often get sabotaged by hidden internal stories ~while when they grow wings from within, they are empowered to fly.

And for me, a tribe needs TLC as flowers need sun and water.

Below you will glance at the gifts, monthly communication and treats that you will get when you join us.

But that is just the surface.

When I mention my Love Letter, you cannot experience what it is to get a letter that seems to speak to you, that somehow addresses what you are going through ~because we are connected and I pick it up, or perhaps you sent me a question to which I am responding.

When you are in the Story Magic Tribe, you may have magical moments where the story or story journey you are going through reveals new possibilities or shows up as a miracle in your life... and you write me a note about it, and I answer, celebrating you. That is priceless!

When I talk about the Dream Alchemist TV Show, you can't see my quirky props, my humor or my soul-nurturing love. You can't taste the vulnerability of my "Show, don't tell approach" where I share my own experience, my own healing journey or my mistakes and how they empowered me.

The word cloud in this section shares some of the words that tribe members and audiences have used to describe the gifts I bring into their lives with my presence.

So know that the treats below are just a list. Feel the love beneath.


Get this Tribal Treats!


When you Join the Story Magic Tribe,

you immediately enjoy...

Two Welcome Gifts

  • Anthology of shamanic Stories

Enjoy a handful of shamanic stories and peek into the shamanic insights they contain.

This delightful anthology includes stories created from real-life incidents, shamanic fantasy and flash stories, to give you a taste of the stories you can enjoy as a member of the Story Magic Tribe.

  • Free Trial for the Story Lovers Club

Enjoy a Magical Stories Treasure Chest with 3 stories and their Story Journeys, plus the first episode of a Story Saga.

You will experience a month worth of Story Journeys that include journal writing, ceremony, Artchemy (arts and craft as alchemy) and more.

You will also enjoy the first episode of a Story Saga, so that you join me in the creation of a novel as you quest for your transformation.


Showers of TLC

Through my monthly...

  • Episodes of my Dream Alchemist TV Show delivered to your inbox,
  • My Love Letter musing on life, sharing insights and giving you TLC. PS:  I love it when you answer!

And my seasonal...

  • VIP notices for new books and events,
  • Huge member and early bird discounts, and
  • Beautiful inspiring Holiday Greetings with poetry, art and gifts and
Plus optional treats:

Monthly Book Recommendations  *  Subscription to the Bewomaning Magazine for the Goddess in you  *  Subscription to my Weekly Blog Digest with articles, stories, poems and answers to your questions  *  Invitations to my Poetry Botanica Events featuring art that heals and transforms   *  Join my Brilliance Tribe for Creatives who want to share their gifts with the world  *  Join the Dream Express Monthly Trips to apply the Law of Attraction *  And more!

You only get the optional treats you choose.


Join the Story Magic Tribe!





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