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ShamansDance Publishing & Productions is my own business, uniquely designed to express ALL that I am and to offer all my spiritual, creative gifts to the world in an integrated way that allows the universe to return this energy back to me in the form of prosperity.


My creative and business partner, Corazon Tierra is my accomplice in delivering art and creativity as the transformation that delivers you into your dream and helps you live your purpose fully and joyfully.


Like the shamans of old, we dance, tell stories and create ceremonies of transformation that empower the individuals and community to release fear and limitations and express their beautiful essence, tapping into their full potential.


There’s nothing to seek “out there!” All you want is “in here,” within you… and we help you trust it, see it, value it and activate it so that you can fly high into your potential.


If you are a Dream Crafter, Creative Genius or Goddess Leader, know this:


When you value your power as creator, you get the “Midas Touch!” You can structure your time, space and life to create the life you want, to share your gifts and to deliver your purpose. When you do this, you give a green light to the Universal Powers to collaborate in your creation. That’s what I mean by MagicMark your Life!


As you can see, I have reclaimed my vast creative potential, cleansed the path to share it with the world and structured a spiritual, creative business to do it. I can help you do the same.


I live my life in a 365/24/7 laboratory of transformation from which I extract lessons, insights, ceremonies, personal growth tools, spiritual revelations, stories, shamanic wisdom and practical tools.I also grow in love, bliss and blessings that become part of my presence, my vibrational frequency, so that I bring this with me when I work with you.


I pass these blessings on to you in the form of spiritual guidance, creative inspiration,and magical experiences in the form of:



Check out my store.


Weaved throughout all my materials is my art. I use visual art, storytelling, poetry, movement and ARTchemy (Arts & Crafts Alchemical Projects) to quicken your manifestation, deepen your understanding and empower your transformation.


When you engage me as a mentor, your life becomes an adventure! Sometimes it’s fun and light. It’s a party of celebration, magic and creativity. At other times it’s deep and intense, as we journey inwards to cleanse the wounds, throw out the garbage and release the limitations that are draining and trapping you. At all times, it flows with the power of truth, love, freedom and soulful creativity.


I give you spiritual teachings that are practical tools you can use in your life. In my consultations, I work with the events that take place in your every day life.


But I call you deeper into yourself and higher into your YoUniverse, your divine nature. I call you back into your own Unique Essence, to be loyal to yourself as the basis for loyalty to the pack. I call you to your own delight, that which makes you sing and dance in joy, that which awakens your soul and moves you towards your life purpose. I am your ally to create a life/work design based on who you are and all that you are, not on cut-off versions of yourself to fit other people’s formulas.


When you finally implement this design! WOW! Your life and your work become a unique celebration of your Sacred Self, of this Sacred Life, of the divinity in you as it nurtures the divinity in others. That is a life worth working for!


If you want to engage me, but are not sure, request a 30-minute Courtesy Conversation here. 

Choose either Wednesdays or Thursdays from 3PM to 5PM EST for these conversations.

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