Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success: Unleash your Greatness

Rewrite your Fairy Tales for Success: Unleash your Greatness

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This book is written for spiritual, creative women seeking authentic success. If you want to embody your purpose or express your gifts to the world to make a BIG difference; if you want to live a life of brilliance and magic... but something stops you... this book is for you. It helps you heal 5 mother-daughter wounds that may be stealing your success. Discover how your childhood fairy tales reveal the "curse" or prohibition that you suffered as a child and that still enchants you out of your greatness. Use fairy tales as a map to break free from the old "curse" and unleash your greatness. This book includes journal writing and conscious living exercises as well as creative projects you can do. Ideal for Inspirers, Story Lovers and Dream Crafters as well as for Creative Genius and Goddess Leaders.|Digital Book Immediately downloadable|176 pages|Includes Journal writing exercises, arts and crafts projects, inspirational quotes and clickable resources.

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Make magic mojo today! Enjoy this anthology of Shamanic Stories.
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