Maria Mar


Hi Beautiful Sister!

I love that you are here. I am happy that we’ve been introduced by the Universe so that we can inspire and support each other in our journeys.

I know that you don’t have all day, your eyes may be tired from all that reading, and if you’re anything like me, you like interactive settings, visuals and tell me a story…. so here it goes, all about me, wonder and warts included! LOL!


  • Who is Maria Mar






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  2 Responses to “Maria Mar”

  1. Dear Maria Mar,
    Greetings from Oklahoma! What you are doing with website (and life) is so neat! Love it! I am on your My Journey page at the moment, and my entire being is smiling. 😀 Also, received the railroad tracks story! Thank You! Will sign up when the buttons are ready. Really resonated with the story. Railroad tracks, trains, train whistles are some of my favorite things, so it was special. Had never actually thought from your perspective. Agree 100%. Again, thank you.

    Trust you are doing well these days. Please take good care. Love & appreciate YOU!

    Wishing you & yours the most magical holiday season yet . . .

    PeaceLoveJoy & lots of Heart Sparkles,

    • Hi, Debra, Isn’t it weird, I was just thinking about you and then I decided to check if there were any comments for approval and there is this comment from you. Glad you enjoyed my journeys. I’ve added some delicious visual biography in “Journey to Radiance” that I think you’ll like. Stay happy.

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